Cardigan Mountain School A boarding and day school for boys in grades 6 through 9

Support the Cardigan tradition by establishing a legacy that extends beyond your lifetime.

Early in Cardigan Mountain School’s history, Harold P. “Hap” Hinman assured his fellow founders that they “have something up here in this little educational package, perhaps more than you will realize in your lifetimes; 50 or 100 years will write chapters you little dream of today." It’s clear that Hap’s faith in our School was justified: for 75 years now, boys have been growing into responsible young men near the shores of the Canaan Street Lake.

If you share Hap’s confident vision, you can—like Hap—help assure Cardigan Mountain School’s future. Your planned gift will help future generations of boys share in the Cardigan experience, teaching them how to become the next leaders of our schools, teams, businesses, and communities.

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Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes those who make a planned gift to Cardigan, helping expand opportunities for future generations of students. With gifts large and small, members of The Heritage Society honor and sustain our mission, inspiring others to support our School.