Planned gifts reflect the values of both the donor and Cardigan Mountain School. You may make an unrestricted gift (allowing the School to determine how to apply the resulting funds) or choose to support a specific area of need. Our staff will work with you to identify a project or priority that embodies your philanthropic goals.

General strategic priorities for Cardigan Mountain School include:

  • Endowment for Financial Aid
  • Endowment for Faculty Excellence
  • Endowment for Facilities
  • Endowment for Program
  • Operating Support
  • Capital Projects

To learn more about Cardigan’s strategic priorities and project, please contact Sandra Hollingsworth.


J. Dudley Clark III H’05, Former Faculty (1941-2018)

“Today, his legacy is felt within Wallach, the academic space his support helped establish in 2020, as well as through The J. Dudley Clark H'0S Scholarship Fund, which provides financial aid to deserving young men who otherwise would not be able to attend Cardigan Mountain School.”

Arthur Ashley Williams, Founding Incorporator (1879-1956)

“The Arthur Ashley Williams Foundation helped establish Cardigan’s Williams Workshop to honor his vision for the School. Today’s boys continue to use the space to explore woodworking and other crafts as part of an active, hand-on approach to learning.”

Heritage Society

The Heritage Society recognizes those members of the School community who make a planned gift, and acknowledges their role in expanding opportunities for future generations of Cardigan boys.

Plan Your Future

These gifts allow you to take care of your family, provide for gifts to loved ones, and include a charitable gift for Cardigan Mountain School. We can help you find the best way to make your gift, and perhaps help you to make a larger gift than you thought possible.