The Heritage Society recognizes those members of the School community who make a bequest or planned gift, expanding opportunities for future generations of Cardigan boys.

With gifts of all sizes, members of The Heritage Society honor and sustain the mission of Cardigan Mountain School and inspire others to support the School. Like the School’s founders, theirs is a legacy with continuing impact. We are honored to represent their philanthropic priorities in perpetuity, and deeply grateful for the opportunity to assume that trust and responsibility.

Paying It Forward

Members join the Heritage Society because of personal experiences and observations of Cardigan Mountain School. Read their testimonials below, and learn what has inspired others to establish a legacy that will impact future generations.


Nancy Hayward Mitchell

“As I see successful alumni come out of Cardigan, I can’t help but be inspired.”

Barbara Shragge-Stack P’10

​“From the moment my son arrived at Cardigan, I watched him become an engaged, confident learner, preparing for high school and beyond."

Meg Milne Moulton, Past Trustee

“My husband and I have put the School in our estate plans because we feel it is deserving of its future, and boys in the years ahead will grow in its care.”

Olaf Butchma, D.O., P’14,’16

​“Quality education is not without a price. If commitment to excellence is the aim, then it’s unacceptable to stand by idly when you can offer support."

Roger Earle ’64, Past Trustee

“Cardigan has always been at the top of my list of places to give to because it continues to provide all the tools for boys to be successful in life.”

Steve August ’69

“Participation in The Heritage Society is an easy, natural gesture to make in appreciation of the formative experiences provided at Cardigan Mountain School."

Stew Dixon ’80, Trustee

“For me, participation in The Heritage Society is acknowledgment of my experiences on The Point. Cardigan represents a huge part of who I am.”

Tim Fleming ’70, Past Trustee and Past Incorporator

“Cardigan has been a life shield to the many challenges in my life. I owe everything to this school and what it continues to give to me.”